Friday, 19 February 2010

Of Fifi and Mimi - the Meadow Watcher's musings.

When I saw Mimi and Fifi giggling together at a butterfly who kept landing on Mimi's painting I knew that we would get along great. After introducing myself to the girls we sat and enjoyed the day, drinking pink lemonade and watching the mini-crawlies go about their busy little lives. As the sun was setting over the meadow and we were all starting to feel a little sleepy, Mimi turned to me and offered me her painting of the pretty meadow gate. After much careful consideration I explained to Mimi that I was lucky enough to live by the meadow, and got to see it every day, and perhaps she might want someone else to have it so that they could share it too. Mimi and Fifi both agreed immediately that this was a very good idea. Then suddenly, Mimi pulled a second, very beautiful painting from her pretty satchel. As she explained what she had seen the night she painted it, I smiled and, in turn, told her another story: the story of who was in the painting. That Painting Mimi left with me also, and it has since been sent to Lorraine who we hope will treasure it as much as the little bear who painted it did.

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